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Leading the Hospitality Journey: Global Curriculum, Expert Chefs, Strong Career Placement, Entrepreneurial Focus. Choose LIHS for Excellence.
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Redefining Culinary and Hospitality Education in West Africa

LIHS stands as West Africa’s leading culinary and hospitality institution, blending tradition with innovation. Our comprehensive curriculum, crafted by culinary experts, offers hands-on experience in cookery, menu planning, and F&B services. We emphasize safety, hygiene, and food costing, integrating these essentials into our entrepreneurial-focused training. Our commitment is to nurture world-class chefs and hospitality leaders, ensuring our graduates are career-ready for the global stage.


Global Curriculum

Expertly designed courses offering a world-class education.

Expert Chefs

Learn from the best in the industry.

Career Placemenment

Strong connections for successful career transitions.

Entrepreneurial Focus

Skills for future culinary business leaders.

Practical Skills

In-depth training in cookery, F&B services, and more.

Innovative Learning

A blend of tradition and modern culinary techniques.


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400+ Students: Over 400 aspiring chefs trained.


Countries: Educational reach across three nations.


Placement Rate: Graduates thriving in top industry roles.


1Award-Winning Chefs: World-renowned chefs as instructors.

At a Glance

Snapshot of LIHS Excellence

LIHS is a beacon of culinary and hospitality education in West Africa. We pride ourselves on a curriculum that is both comprehensive and dynamic, guided by industry-leading chefs. Our focus on practical skills, coupled with an entrepreneurial outlook, ensures our students are not just prepared for the industry, but are also trailblazers in it.

Unleash Your Hospitality Brilliance

Join LIHS and transform your passion into a distinguished culinary career. Your path to brilliance begins here.